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Help & Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a card?
Buying a calling card is a very easy and simple process.

  1. Select Country to search for the Best Rates!
  2. Place an Order with Secure Charge On-line!
  3. Receive your Cards On-line Instantly!

How to make a call?

  1. You do not have to hold a card in your hands to use it.
  2. You just have to know PIN-code of the card and local access number to make a call.
  3. A call is made by dialing a local access number of provider (or a toll free 1-800 number), after that you have to enter PIN-code and a number you wish to call.
    Note: for Refillable phone cards, calling from a registered phone, You don’t have to dial PIN number!

Frequently Asked Questions:

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