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PIN-Free Access and Permanent PIN

PIN-Free Access! How does it work?
No PIN to remember! You make a call without entering PIN. When you sign up, you register your phone number with us. It can be your cell phone, work phone or home phone. Your phone number becomes your permanent Personal Identification. When You dial from registered phone, after entering Access number the telecom switches automatically recognizing your number, and You don't have to enter a hard-to-remember PIN!

Permanent PIN
Permanent PIN is the PIN with No Expiration date. When you used up your phone card or the balance is low you can add funds to your PIN at any time.

Can I call from different phone?
To place a call from any not registered phone number just dial access number, enter your PIN (for "Jupiter" card enter your 10 digits registered phone number and your 4 digits password assigned by you during sign up).

How many phone numbers I can register for each refillable calling card?
"Mozart" – You can register up to 5 different phone numbers;
"Express" – You can register up to 10 different phone numbers;
"Jupiter" - You can register 1 phone number;
"Champion New" - You can register up to 10 different phone numbers.

What if I want to change my registered phone number?
Go to "My Account" -> "Permanent PIN(s) -> Balance / Reports / Add PIN Free Numbers -> Press "Remove" button -> enter the number You want to remove. This option is not available for "Jupiter" calling card.

How do I register new phone numbers for my refillable calling card?
Go to "My Account" -> "Permanent PIN(s)" -> Balance / Reports / Add PIN Free Numbers -> Enter a new number You want to register -> Press "Add number" button.

How do I refill Permanent PIN?
To refill your Permanent PIN find a proper refillable calling card, select amount You wish to add and press the button "Buy or Refill"; or alternatively: login into "My Account" -> "My Permanent PIN(s)" -> select calling card and amount You wish to add and press the button "Refill".
Every time you purchase or refill a phone card with Permanent PIN you add funds to your existing PIN.

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