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Refillable and non-refillable calling cards

There are two main types of calling cards online; each of them can be found on our website:

  • Non-refillable calling cards
  • Permanent PIN refillable calling cards with PIN Free Access option

Non-refillable calling cards
The vast majority of calling cards online offered for sale are non-refillable calling cards.

  • After the balance on this type of calling card becomes equal to zero, the calling card can not be used anymore, and if a customer is interested to use the same parameters calling card again, he should buy a new calling card with new PIN number and balance.
  • These calling cards have validity period, which is 3 or 4 months for most of the cards.

Permanent PIN refillable calling cards with PIN Free Access option
This is a new generation of calling cards online. Refillable (rechargeable) calling cards offer additional opportunities to their users:

  • Refill option. You can refill this kind of calling cards at anytime. All You need is an access to the internet, or during our business hours an access to the phone;
  • Permanent PIN. You receive a PIN number that becomes your card’s permanent number. Every time when You refill the balance You add funds to the same PIN number.
  • PIN-Free Access. When You sign up, you may register your phone number with us. When You dial from a registered phone, after entering Access number the telecom switches automatically, recognizing your number, and You don't have to enter a hard-to-remember PIN!
  • Balance transfer opportunity! You can always transfer the balance from your card to any other refillable card!
  • No Expiration date if you refill card at least once within 6 months.

What refillable calling cards are offered on this website?
There are four refillable calling cards on this website: "Mozart", "Express", "Jupiter", and "Champion New".

Note: For one account/email You can get not more than one PIN number for "Mozart", one PIN for "Express", one PIN for "Jupiter", or one PIN for "Champion New" calling card. If You already have one refillable PIN and try to buy another one (buying the same calling card on the same email address), this transaction will be considered as a refill for your previously received PIN number.

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